[WriteLog] Couple of comments - Highlighting calls & Which is the best soft

Raj raj@logicresources.com
Wed, 16 Feb 2000 12:29:08 -0700

I think there is a lot more to this than what key you hit to
highlight a call. It doesn't really matter, which key you
use to get the call in the box, if at the end of the contest
(or part way through) your file gets trashed. What
difference did it really make.

Writelog works for CW, SSB and RTTY contesting. The keys you
have is what you have. It combine the best of all worlds in
one package, given the fact that windows reserves certain
keys for itself. The real issue is, their is a shortage of
keys on current keyboards. Devoting two keys to the 'Start'
button and one key to the right click is a wast of buttons.
One of those should have been a help key, and the two
others, user programmable if nothing else.

So where Wrirelog really counts:
-Never lost a file in three years that I have used it. 

-It works great with multiple radio contesting without any
fuss whatsoever.

-It works great networked. Furthermore if you lose a network
connection it fixes itself, and at the end of the contest
you can see all the stuff that happenend on your network
that you weren't even aware off.

-It gives you more features on-line than I have seen in any
other package.

What bugs and glitches? I don't see anyone who has been
using writelog for a couple of years grousing. If you are
looking for a package that is well supported, with new
features and contests being added all the time. If you want
a program that uses the full capabilities of your hardware
than get writelog. If you are running a 286 or 386 with
MS-DOS, then you have a whole bunch of options to choose


dphillips@shra.org wrote:
> 1.  Don't forget that you can highlight any sequence in the RTTY window by
> double-clicking on the first letter.  WriteLog highlights to the end of the


> Don't let all the grousing fool you.  WriteLog is a great product.  Most of the
>  grousing is for personal preferences or operator error.  True there are
> glitches and bugs, but given the complexity of the program, not many.

The Box said "Win95,98,2000 NT4.0 or better" So I installed
Linux !

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