[WriteLog] setting up ft1000mp for ssb

Jerry Pixton jpixton@shentel.net
Thu, 17 Feb 2000 12:21:28 +0000

Hi all,

someone asked a few days ago (I can not refind the message) about how to
set up the different sound levels on the ft1000mp. Here is the trick I used
to get all volume controls proper. This is a repost of info I sent last year.

After all my experimenting I have settled on using audio from radio to
sound board Line-in thur 1to1 xformer. My Heil mike goes directly to sound
board Mike In and the sound board Line-out thru xformer to Patch In at radio.

I had the same problem with my FT1000mp at first. The Patch In is a low
level input. On the 1000mp it is in parallel with the mike input thru a 1K
resistor. I just read back thru my notes and I think that I had to keep the
recording master volume all the way full so as to have enough signal level
from the constant Audio output of 1000mp (I did use the 1 to 1 xformer).

That is to get RTTY to work well I need full volume on the Line-in Record
and Master Record controls because of the low audio level at the radio
Audio Output jack.

Next I set the radio mic gain control for proper alc level on ssb with the
microphone connected to the radio (not the sound board) and leave this
control alone.

To get AFSK to work at the same ALC levels I ended up with the Playback
master volume almost full and the wave playback volume full. 

Then I found a Mike volume level on the sound board (about 35%) that would
allow me to record sound files from WriteLog and then when played back
would move the ALC to the same level. 

Took a little fiddling but it works fine once set.

Jerry, W6IHG

Dr. Jerry R. Pixton, PIXOS Designs

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