[WriteLog] Your own call highlighted - How to stop it?

Bob Ruvolo ki6dy@prodigy.net
Thu, 17 Feb 2000 18:01:04 -0600

I once asked this question before on the reflector but never got a response.
An annoyance for me is the highlighting of my own callsign by Writelog, i.e.

Xmit:CQ CQ WPX de KI6DY/0

Rec: KI6DY/0 de W1ABC W1ABC

What happens here if I have already worked the W1 mult but not a KI0 mult is
that W1ABC is highlighted in green and KI6DY/0 is highlighted in yellow. If
I hit the insert key I send the following.

Xmit: KI6DY/0 UR 599-123-123 DE KI6DY/0

Once I work KI0LO I am only highlighted in green but may still send the
above if the incoming call sign is not highlighted and I hit the insert key.
This action has gotten me into the habit of always clicking on the call I
want to work and hitting the buffer function key, two seperate actions that
could be replaced by one if the call I want to work is highlighted.

So the question is: Is there a way to command Writelog to ignore your own
callsign. If not a solution would be to edit the master or rtty.dta and
remove one's own callsign. Don't know how to do that though. Another would
be to enter you own call into the working log (for each band) that way you
would show up highlighted in red.

This problem is not limited to WPX.

Any help?

Bob - KI6DY

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