[WriteLog] WPX log reminder.

Eddie Schneider edlyn@california.com
Wed, 23 Feb 2000 09:38:08 -0800


Entries must be date stamped or postmarked no later than Tuesday 14th
March, 2000.

Electronic files to: edlyn@california.com 

Send contest entries and files or disks via AIRMAIL to:
Eddie Schneider.
1826 Van Ness.
CA 94806.

If you sent in an electronic entry and have not received a confirmation,
let me know, quoting your call sign and catagory you entered.

Currently, I have approximately 340 entries, 320 of which were
electronic. So far, I've generated 420 WPX related msgs. My ISP hasn't
been so busy since this time last year :-)

73, Eddie W6/G0AZT RTTY WPX mngr.

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