[WriteLog] Networking Problem

Marty Tippin martyt@pobox.com
Sat, 17 Jun 2000 12:43:01 -0500

I'm having a problem setting up 3 computers to be networked during Field 
Day. I think I've set everything up correctly, with computer A being the 
"server" and computers B and C connecting back to A. Computer B works fine 
- it connects with no problem and stays connected, seeing all QSOs logged 
on computer A and sending all new QSOs to computer A.

But computer C is a different story - each time I try to connect to 
computer A, I immediately see "lost connection to C" on computer A's 
network window. But oddly, even though the connection appears to be lost, 
any QSO's logged on A or B still appear on computer C, but nothing I do on 
computer C appears on A or B.

Computer C seems to coexist peacefully with the other machines on my 
network - it appears in network neighborhood and is accessible from all the 
other computer and can access the other computers. So I'm not sure this is 
a networking setup problem on computer C.

This is probably a very simple error on my part, but I haven't a clue what 
it might be.

Any suggestions?


-Marty NW0L (ex KI0LO)

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