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Michael Joens joens@thecia.net
Sat, 17 Jun 2000 22:16:44 -0400

I received several "what was it?" questions to my post that I figured out 
what I did wrong. So here's a step-by-step account of how I set up the 
network, including the error (see step 9) to the reflector.

Here's how I set up the two field day computers:

1. Clean install of Windows (format the harddisk, boot from disk, etc.). 
This is because I have the luxury of redundant PC's and it will hopefully 
prevent the usual problems with a well-used (and consequently messed-up) 
PC. This may not be necessary, but it's part of what I did.

2. As part of the Windows setup, install the network cards. Name one 
computer "Anna" and the other "Mary" (pick other names as you see fit, but 
make sure they're different). As network protocol I installed NetBEUI on 
both PC's and deleted the other protocols Windoze installed (tcp/ip and 
IPX/SPX I think). Why NetBEUI? Don't know, just because. It's the sample in 
the WriteLog help file and it works. It'll probably work with any protocol 
you can use for normal networking.

3. Set both PC's up to be clients and to share files and printers. On each 
computer, make the C drive shareable. Then check "Network Neighborhood" to 
make sure each computer can see the other. Now you know the network per se 

4. Install WriteLog on both PC's. Start with full version 10.11 and then 
update both to 10.17.

5. Create a new log. Set up all the fields you need. For field day you may 
want the "operator" field, which you create by selecting the change 
operator menu. Get it all set up right the way you like it. Make sure that 
all the fields you want are there because they have to be the same on both 

6. In setup, select "register to accept network connections". It will ask 
you for a letter. Enter "A". You have 26 choices, I picked A.

7. Save the file and quit Writelog.

8. Copy the file to the other PC and open it in Writelog. Save it under a 
different name or directory.Leave WL open.

9. Open WL on the first PC again. On both PC's select "register to accept 
network...". On the first computer, choose A and on the second, choose B. 
Or whatever you want, just different. Then, on one of the two PC's go to 
setup, link to network. Enter the other computer's name. Say, if you're on 
the PC named Anna, choose Mary and vice versa. You only need to do this on 
one PC to link the two. This is where I messed up. I entered A or B, which 
it couldn't recognize. Once I entered the PC's "name", all was well.

We just got done setting up the field day station to make sure we have 
everything. The main computer has four serial ports on two parallel ports, 
plus the network and sound cards. The second only has one serial and one 
parallel port. The second station will be used as a redundant station 
that's not intended to transmit, although it has antennas connected. We'll 
be running two IC-756's, so we'll be able to "hot-swap" (almost) every 
component in the setup with 30 seconds downtime. Having the second PC also 
makes it possible for the non-operating people to check the log without 
breathing down the operator's neck and to create a completely independent 
backup of the files.

Please listen for us on all bands. We'll be operating under the call K1EO, 
1A - EMA. We'll be qrv the full 24 hours in CW, phone and RTTY, plus ATV.

Michael, K1JE

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I'm having the same problem you had with Writelog immediately dropping the
connection between the two computers - your reply to the list said it was
operator error but didn't say what the problem was -- so what did you do to 
fix it?

Thanks & 73,

-Marty NW0L

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