[WriteLog] PK232 Help (Was Hal P38 & Squelch)

Andrew Williss bigwill@riverland.net.au
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 02:21:04 +0000

Steve Baron - KB3MM wrote:

> Do you see anything on the screen from the 232 ? e.g. when you turn it on ?

Hi Steve,

No, Nothing.
I select com1 from the ports menu and pk232 from the TNC menu and a little
screen tells
"initializing host mode - please wait " this lasts for a few seconds and if the
PK232 is not in any particular mode( i.e. the "Baudot" led only is lit) the
unit will go into packet mode...i.e.
Packet led and CMD led lit.
This is as far as it goes...receiving a signal or adjusting the threshold pot
on the 232 so the DCD led lights to send data to the screen does not work..ie
no text echoed to the screen
I have checked and double checked that both the 232 and writelog.ini are set to
the same baud rate etc.etc. but to no avail...

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Andy Williss - VK5LA
Berri, South Australia

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