[WriteLog] PK232 Help

Joseph J. Duerbusch k0bx@qsl.net
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 04:09:25 +0000

There are a few things to check with the PK-232.

1.  Is it is in the "Host" mode?  Until you get out of the host mode you
can't do anything.
Look in you PK-232 manual under host mode and it will give you the
keyboard commands to get
back in terminal mode.  If you don't have a manual, the try the
type  ctl-a (hold down the control key and type a lowercase 'a')
type OHON (all in caps)
type ctl-w(hold down the control key and type a lowercase 'w')
That should take you out of the host mode.  One way you can tell if you
are stuck in
host mode is that you get a "smily face" character on the screen.

2.  Once you are sure you are out of host mode do the following:
"If WriteLog will not communicate with your PK-232, it may be necessary
to do the
editing described below.
Using NotePad edit C:\Windows\writelog.ini  as follows:
In the file, go to the section labeled [Ports].
Look at the line for the Com port you intend to use.  It will look
like this:
Check to be sure all parameters are correct, then Delete the final
x (but not
the comma).  It should look like this:
Click on File, Save.  Then open WriteLog; this should allow
your PK-232 to communicate with WriteLog. "

There are other hinks for use Writelog on my website:

Let us know if any of this helped.

Good Luck
Joe K0BX

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