[WriteLog] PK232 Help - A process

Scot Herrick sherrick@ameritech.net
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 02:27:03 -0000

Here's Scot's foolproof way to work a PK-232 with WriteLog:

1. Go and open HyperTerminal, a windows communications program. It's under
accessories or close to that. Set up a profile that is a direct connect
cable connection matching your Comm port with that of the PK-232.

2. Once that is done, connect to the PK-232 from HyperTerminal. Not much
will happen until you hit a few '*' (stars, above the 8 key on your
keyboard). This is the auto baud sequence to set up communications with the
PK-232. When it hits correctly, you will see a bunch of stuff come from the
PK-232 and it will end with a 'cmd:' at the end of it. You're out of host
mode and into command mode.

3. If your PK-232 has no batteries, at this point your system is running at
1200 baud. If your PK-232 has batteries and you're running something other
than default, there is a command to tell you the speed (some help here?).
Mine has no batteries, so it loses it's mind every time I turn it off and
defaults to 1200 baud. Note the speed setting - it needs to match your port
line in WriteLog.ini.

4. at the 'cmd:' line, type in 'Baudot' which will move the PK-232 from
whatever mode it's in to RTTY mode (Baudot...).

5. Disconnect HyperTerminal from the PK-232 by finding the disconnect option
in HyperTerminal - but leave the PK-232 exactly where it's at.

6. Edit your WriteLog.ini file in the 'ports' section to match the speed you
noted in step number three. Take the 'x' off the end of the line so WriteLog
knows the port is in use.

7. Open up WriteLog and open up Rttyrite. Select the correct Comm port for
your PK-232 in Rttyrite and select PK-232 as your terminal unit. At this
point, WriteLog will give you the message of trying to communicate with the
PK-232. Since you already put it into command mode and Baudot, it will work.


If you can't communicate with your PK-232 with HyperTerminal, you won't be
able to communicate your PK-232 with WriteLog.

If you have batteries in your PK-232 and all else fails, take the batteries
out and let all the little electrons die. When you power your unit back on,
it will be at factory defaults which will be at 1200 baud. I have run tons
of contests at 1200 baud with my PK-232 and it works just fine.

If you are used to that other program RTTY by WF1B (a great program), note
that WF1B has this nifty utility that sets both the program and the PK-232
to the right (and highest speed) settings. WriteLog does not do this; it
expects your PK-232 to be in command mode with Baudot and the communications
settings (e.g., speed) to match that of your Comm port settings in
WriteLog.ini. And that needs to match your Comm port in Rttyrite. I had a
dickens of a time with this when I moved from RTTY by WF1B to WriteLog until
the magic of WF1B's utility program dawned on me. Since then, all is well.

Hope this helps.

CU...Scot, K9JY

See WriteLog's complete user manual at
K9JY's WriteLog site http://www.k9jy.com


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> Steve Baron - KB3MM wrote:
> > Do you see anything on the screen from the 232 ? e.g. when you
> turn it on ?
> >
> Hi Steve,
> No, Nothing.
> I select com1 from the ports menu and pk232 from the TNC menu and a little
> screen tells
> "initializing host mode - please wait " this lasts for a few
> seconds and if the
> PK232 is not in any particular mode( i.e. the "Baudot" led only
> is lit) the
> unit will go into packet mode...i.e.
> Packet led and CMD led lit.
> This is as far as it goes...receiving a signal or adjusting the
> threshold pot
> on the 232 so the DCD led lights to send data to the screen does
> not work..ie
> no text echoed to the screen
> I have checked and double checked that both the 232 and
> writelog.ini are set to
> the same baud rate etc.etc. but to no avail...
> Any help is greatly appreciated!
> Cheers!
> Andy Williss - VK5LA
> Berri, South Australia
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