[WriteLog] DVK - Oldbie Question(s) Kinda - DVK et al.

Wed, 15 Nov 2000 22:31:21 EST


Have been a WL user for a while, but never got real far with the DVK portion. 
With all the recent posts, decided to re-invent the wheel, and got it all 
hooked up, I think.

WL will record a message per the help files from the mic connected to the 
soundcard, via Sh-F2, and then replay and key the rig (KWTS440), playing the 
message. Kinda cool. Have a lot of background noise from the cheapo computer 
headset mic, but it worked.

2 issues /questions.
To change the message on the fly, I can do a sh-F2 and re-record, but the rig 
also keys and transmits, (undesired). Looking for a workaround.

When I am not playing a canned message, or recording, how do I configure WL 
to key the PTT, so I can play "live voice".

I can put the foot switch back on, but seems like some kinda VOX should be 
keyable from with WL. If not, I'll work the weedends contest the old 
fashioned way, stepping on the footswitch.

Also, VOX doesn't seem to work when audio is feed through the ACC2 jack. ANy 
TS440 users doing it differently?

Also, does anyone know of a good site for getting the circuit details for 
hooking up non computer microphones to the soundcard?

Would like to hook the mic usually found on the front of the radio, into the 
soundcard with an adapter . Anyone doin this??

Best 73's and thanks in advance


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