[WriteLog] 10/22/2000 Updates to K9JY WriteLog Web site

Ed Sleight k4sb@mindspring.com
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 02:57:45 +0000

Scot Herrick wrote:
> All,
> This weeks additions to the K9JY WriteLog web site (at www.k9jy.com):
> - Added a section on setting up time accurately for logging in 'Setting up
> You' and then clicking on 'Program Setup.' You ARE ready for the Daylight
> Savings time change this coming weekend for CQ WW SSB, aren't you??

WHOA! If you're logging in local time, you're making a big mistake. GMT
will NOT change this weekend, or for that matter any other. BTW,
Monrovia is the correct GMT setting for Windows. 

Otherwise, great work from Scott.


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