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Dean Norris dnorris@k7no.com
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 12:21:04 -0700

At 09:06 10/23/00, Scot Herrick wrote:

>Hi Marty, all,
>The problem is that it isn't documented so no one knows unless they try it
>out which is a bad thing to do in the middle of CQ WW SSB.
>What you're saying is that you have done this, configured your PC in your
>own (like Central time) time zone, and WriteLog looks at the Windows time
>and correctly gets to GMT? If that's the case, this is a really good thing
>because many programs force the user to put in the offset for GMT. If Wayne
>has already done this internally, then we have an advantage with WriteLog
>that we don't with other programs.
>If that's the case, just confirm that. Then I can also add a blurb to my web
>site about it as well so that we don't have so much trouble understanding
>something that has already been fixed...
>Thanks...Scot, K9JY

Hi Scot and all WL'ers.  I am not sure the Time Zone autoset is the result 
of Wayne's work or inherent in Win98.  With the advent of 98, the computer 
know your time zone and can relate all back to Zulu.  Not sure how the 
coding works as I am not a programmer but I think all Windows programs do 
the same.  E.g., DX4WIN does the shift also.


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