[WriteLog] Packet Spot Wish List

Barry N1EU n1eu@hotmail.com
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 01:20:32 EST

Have to say the WriteLog performed beautifully for me this weekend.  One 
minor glitch with SuperCheck not functioning that was cured by exiting and 
reopening WL.  Much appreciation to Wayne and Ron for the great strides 
taken over the last 18 months.  We really have come a long way.

Couldn't help but want a little more functionality out of the Packet spot 
window.  A few ideas:

1. Add a "Q" after the frequency for all spots with a QSX freq, so USA 
stations know beforehand who is listening up on 40/80M.

2. Add the capability to sort the spots by band and then by time, instead of 
just by time as it does now when selecting "All Bands".

Filtering out-of-band spots was discussed in a previous thread.  Again, I 
have to remark that the set/filter command does not work effectively with 
Telnet nodes - don't know why - I tried three AR-Cluster nodes and they 
still passed WARC, CW, and VHF spots even though they acknowledged that 
filtering had been turned on by me.  I'll probably invest in DXTelnet as a 
solution to this issue, since I understand that it will do the filtering 
before passing the spots on to WriteLog.

Barry  N1EU
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