[WriteLog] How to print log -- correctly???

Nat Davis ndavis@vt.edu
Tue, 31 Oct 2000 10:45:41 -0400

OK, I know this sounds like a dumb question ... but how do I get my contest 
log to print out and include all the columns shown in the "normal" log 
window?    I am using version 10.19.

I know the obvious -- you go to file/print menu to print the log.  When I 
do that for my CQWW SSB log, I get the log columns SEQ, DATE, TIME, FREQ, 
and CALL to print out in what is labeled as a "Chronological log."  The 
remaining columns do not seem to fit on the page and are lost.  The lost 
columns seems to be caused by inter-column spacing between the CALL and SN 
and the COUNTRY and C columns -- they seem way too large....

OK, so I switch the printer from the portrait mode to landscape.  More 
columns now print -- but not all.  I even tried changing the log window 
font to 8 points.  That helped some but the spacing between columns was 
still so big that all the columns still did not fit.  8-point type is too 
small for my eyes to comfortably read, anyway.

There has to be something that I am missing!   All I want is for the log, 
as displayed in the "normal" view in WL, to print out.  I really want to 
print the Country column to aid in QSLing.  Help!




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