[WriteLog] QTCs in WAE

George Beasley geo@spidernet.com.cy
Mon, 13 Aug 2001 21:49:38 -0000

Yes you are right, the ALT-F9/ALT-F10 keys do work even with the QTC window
open, so why didn't the Page Up/Down keys?
Hell, wish I had checked that!

Well in the QTC window I also hit the "cancel" key by mistake, which is
right next to the "OK" button, so I had to switch off my VOX and wait while
I sent all the QTCs to myself again to keep everything in order. It seemed
an age, especially when I had a whole bunch of folks calling me...Maybe it's
worth thinking about re-sighting it for "Ham" fisted typists like me?

As far as the leading zeros are concerned, wouldn't it be nice if W/L took
them all away whether you entered a 002 or not and just put the 2 there.
I always seemed to enter what ever was sent to me so the guys who did not
send leading zeros got entered and sent in the QTC much more quickly, and
surely that is what it's all about.

I used CT9 in the IOTA test a few weeks ago and that took them away
automatically when you entered a serial number, regardless of which ever way
you entered it.

In all other respects W/L is as near to perfection as we can get.

73 de,
George 5B4AGC/H2G/ZC4GB
Web Page http://www.qsl.net/5b4agc