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WAE does not require/ request/ want a cabrillo.... just send them what they

Please check the DARC homepage http://www.darc.de/referate/dx/ for contest
logging details!
Only three files are needed:
1.A plain-text ASCII summary sheet MUST be included.
2.Your QSO-log (plain-text ASCII please). No band logs please, just the log
which contains your contest operation following the serial numbers in normal
order (example: if you used CT, send the .all file).
3.Your QTC-log is needed if QTCs are claimed for point credit. (plain text

I know that doesn't answer you question.... I sent in an NAQP Cabrillo two
weeks ago so it's still there..
Just selectively eliminated I guess.. in this case it may save the judges
some time by not having to read cabrillos and...
it may cause people to read the rules to see what they're supposed to send
in.... Looks good to me!

Tom Baugh
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> At 08:48 -0300 08/15/2001, PY5EG wrote:
> >
> >      Im using the last version of WL 10.27 and is not possible to
create a
> >cabrillo file.
> >      On the previous version I had no problem.
> >      Any help would be apreciated.
> For what contest?
> I'm still running 10.26b, but I now see that IT doesn't offer the Cabillo
file option for WAE, although the option is there for IARU HF WC and All
Asia DX.
> Does 10.27 remove the option for ALL contests?
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