[WriteLog] Writelog presentation help

Keith Regli keith@kregli.com
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 12:04:37 -0400

Please respond directly to Rich, AA2MF mailto:aa2mf@arrl.net

August 15, 2001

Hello fellow Writelog users, I am a sometimes user of Writelog. Still not
knowing enough about the program to put it into full time service. I belong
to the YCCC and have just been appointed as the YCCC Asst. NY Area Mgr. I
also am involved with the formation of a local contest club the Empire
Contest Club (ECC) in the NY area. I have called a YCCC credited meeting
sponsored by the ECC for September 13,2001.

This meeting will be in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn at 8pm. I would
like to have someone give a presentation during this meeting about Writelog.
time slot to be about 30 minuets with the hopes of forming a local user
group within the ECC membership. Dose anyone know or could help us find
someone that has the knowledge of Writelog and be willing to make this
presentation during our meeting?

Hopefully a local person that might consider joining the ECC and head a
Writelog user group. So that you can get a better idea of the location where
meeting is going to be held here is the address.

Seaport Buffet
2027 Emmons Ave
Brooklyn NY

Rich Cariello AA2MF
YCCC Asst. NY Area Mgr.

Node telnet
Phone 1-718-980-1104