[WriteLog] more complete explan. of MMMUlty problems

WA9ALS - John wa9als@starband.net
Sun, 19 Aug 2001 13:52:33 -0500

> If I have the MMMulty plugin activated, I cannot use the RITTY tnc option.

Isn't this just as simple as only one program can use the sound board at a
time?  If MMTTY has the sound board, you can bet that RITTY can't use it -
and vice versa.d  Maybe you just mean you can't switch back and forth
between them - maybe one doesn't free up the board after it's done...?

> I could not use the FSK rtty mode of my MP with the MMMulty tnc plugin.
> MP would just send it's steady tone waiting for the input to shift between
> mark and space.

That definitely shouldn't be that way - Both of the MMTTY FSK options work
fine with my MP.  I did notice, thanks tto AD1C, that there were problems
running FSK via my White Heat USB serial adapter - the last sevveral
charactters were being chopped off.  It wasn't noticeable at my end, so glad
Jim told me.  As always, sending FSK via the motherrboard serial ports was

> Using MMMulty the AFC caused me to be off frequency. I received a number
> comments before I found that problem. If you went to the options you would
> see that the Mark setting in the demodulator was always different than the
> default setting.
> Changing it back would work for the next contact but by the time you found
> another station to work and THOUGHT you had him tuned in...it would be

I think that's predictable.  It's showing you where it's found the other
stations mark tone, isn't it?  E.G. the guy calls you low, so MMTTY finds
his mark at 2000 instead of 2125.  You can watch it change in the window as
you tune across a station.  If you're running FSK, it changes back to 2125
during transmit, but then starts "tracking" again as soon as it switches to
receive.  Unlike Rittyrite, where you can leave AFC on during S&P and just
align the vertical yellow bars to know you're on freq, it's more difficultt
with MMTTY with the AFC on.  If you leave it on for S&P, you have to tune
until that marrk box is showing 2125 - sorta arduos!  If you turn it off,
then your choices are the crossed bananas and/or the waterfall and spectral
displays - not that precise.  I don't like using the MMTTY tuning aids for
S&P.  The RITTY combo was great for S&P and weak sigs, but I've moved on to

That all said, I should mention a bunch of times I had 100% print on
fluttery signals and a blank S-meter. My favorite for those was the profile
"fluttered signals (FIR)".  However, Rttyrite was doing a good job also, and
I ended up using that most of the time!

> These problems did not occur if I use MMMulty or RITTY as a standalone
> program.

One at a time is OK with the soundboard.