[WriteLog] Radio on COM5 or COM6?

Zoltan.Pitman@libertel.nl Zoltan.Pitman@libertel.nl
Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:34:24 +0100

Hi guys, 

I want to give a try to SO2R with Writelog in the Russian DX and am
struggling with the radio setup. I use is a Compaq E500 notebook (P3/600)
with W95. The computer has an IR port configured as COM3. I have an Argosy
2-port PCMCIA serial card. The Argosy card works fine but regardless
whatever I do it comes up to COM5 or COM6. I tested the ports with loopback
and TNC's. They work fine.

However I can't set up my second radio to any higher than COM4 in WL! I see
two options for solving that:

- Moving the com ports of the PCMCIA serial extender to COM2 and COM4
- Enabling higher COM ports in Writelog for radio setup than COM4

The first option I tried to work out myself and failed. Even if I disabled
the IR port from COM3, I couldn't move the ports of the PCMCIA off
COM5/COM6. Please, do you have any idea how to do that? 

(I'd like to keep the IR operational if possible since it goes to an
Ericsson R520 GPRS mobile phone, which provides DX cluster.)

The second option would require Wayne to add COM5-COM8 to the radio port
selection list as they are already on the selection list of the TNC's.
Wayne, what do you think about it, please?

73 de Zoli HA1AG

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