[WriteLog] wae buffers from aa5au

WA9ALS - John wa9als@starband.net
Tue, 6 Nov 2001 03:51:43 -0500

> Can CQ be F1 instead of F2 (old habit)?

This is in the HELP file under "Special NMessage Accelerator Keys":

"The following three function keys behave as described here only if you set
the CtCompatibleAccel entry in WRITELOG.INI to value "YES":

Sends the programmed message corresponding to F11."

> I don't see a qso b4 buffer; anyone have an example?

In the HELP file, under "RTTY Messages", see:

"The CW (and RTTY) memories for the messages on function keys F2 through F11
are programmed using the dialog box under the Setup CW/RTTY messages entry.
Hint: you will normally want to add a space character as the last character
in the memory so that if you type message keys in succession, a space is
sent between them.

the letter "B"
The characters in the memory between a %B and a following %B are ignored
(and not sent) unless the current Entry window has at least one character in
its CALL field and that call sign is a duplicate on the Entry window's
current band. Under these conditions, the characters between the %B's are
sent, and any characters following the final %B are ignored. If there is a
%C before the %B in the memory, then when the "Special case" for %C
described above is in effect, the dupe check is also held until you tab or
space out of the CALL field. In this special case, only one pair of %B
characters will be correctly processed, and they must appear after the %C."

* However, many of us would encourage you to -not- set up a buffer with a
"WORKED B4" message and work all dupes instead.  If the other guy is telling
you that you are a dupe, obviously you are not in his log correctly or at
all, so you'd be better off working him again.  Besides, it takes less time
to work him again than to send the wrked before message and then maybe have
to explain/argue about it.  HI

> The F8 key looks like there may be a callsign stack somewhere ( QSL  NOW
> but I don't see that documented anywhere...is there a callsign stack?

This is one I don't know about, but would like help with too.  When you're
the running station and CQ, you can often hear, or see print, more than one
callsign calling you.  After I work one of these, I'd like a way to easily
select another callsign and call that guy seamlessly/smoothly - Something
like "W9ABC TU - NOW W1ZZZ DE WA9ALS".  If not done this way and someone
louder gets in first, I'm afraid one of the original callers will give up
and move on.  I'd like to recognize not only the first, but the SECOND call
to my original CQ.  Now, I handle this just by using ALT-K and winging it
the hard way.  WF1B had a way to do this smoothly, but I've never figured it
out in WL or seen it discussed.

> 73 Jamie WW3S

Hope this helps Jamie, and maybe someone will help me with the "callsign
stack".  73 - John (WA9ALS)