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Larry Lindblom w0etc@ix.netcom.com
Thu, 8 Nov 2001 02:07:38 -0000

I've run Win ME for over a year here at home without a blue screen of death.
I wonder if some mother boards/chip sets have more problems than others with
windows.  BTW, A friend with an Athlon based box has had many more windows
problems than my P4 box.

At work after reading all the reviews, analyzing cost factors, and doing a
thorough analysis of what we had to gain by switching to XP I decided to
stink with Novel 5.1 and Win2K on the servers (5) , 98SE on the desk tops
(200)  and,  laptops (250).

73 W0ETC

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My reason for upgrading was to move my relatively new 1 GHz Athlon machine
WindowsME which has proven to be the worst Win9x op sys I've ever run.
Constant blue-screens, and it took forever to get a set of drivers for the
nVidia graphics board it came with that would not cause problems.  I've used
Win2000Pro on my laptop at work and have been very happy with its stability
and resistance to lockups/hangs/fails.  I was almost first in line to get XP
and have been very happy with it.

By the way, the magazine editorials (I subscribe to most of them since I
in the computer industry) were about moving your business applications from
Win2000 to WinXP.  Since XP is Win2000 with added compatibility for much of
the home and gaming software/hardware, there is no real reason for most
businesses to consider upgrading.  However, almost every review says that if
you're running Win9x of any flavor, and your system can support WinXP (~500
MHz or faster and 128MB memory minimum) then moving to XP is a no-brainer.
hams, we have a possible compatibility problem with the change in the
port, but, otherwise I've found it to be a much needed improvement.  But,
someone just mentioned, if you're happy with your system on the earlier
Windows systems, don't move!

Hope this tempers some of the earlier messages about there being no reason
upgrade.  'Tain't so for everyone - hi!

   73, Duane

Duane Calvin, AC5AA
Austin, Texas

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