[WriteLog] obscure but useful feature

Dick Green dick.green@valley.net
Thu, 29 Nov 2001 12:34:22 -0500

I stumbled across a rather obscure but useful feature in WL during CQWW CW.
At one point I decided that I didn't want to send partial callsigns after a
correction, so I opened Notepad in another window and modified the ini
parameter to send the full call. I intended to exit and restart WL so it
would re-read the ini file, but got involved in working stations for a
while. The next thing I know, full calls are being sent when corrected! I
changed the ini parameter back, but this time it didn't work. Then, a little
later, my change took effect.

A little experimentation after the contest revealed that WL re-reads the ini
file whenever you save your log file. So, you can make changes to the ini
file on the fly without you having to exit and restart the program -- just
edit the file and save the log with CTL-S or the File-Save menu command.

This could be particularly useful for multis since exit and restart requires
a couple of commands to relink to the network. It might be a worthwhile step
to try instead of exiting and restarting if something stops working in WL --
some functions may get reinitialized when the ini file is re-read.

Maybe others knew about this, but I didn't!

73, Dick WC1M