[WriteLog] Two points!

Dave Henderson nr1dx@tellink.net
Sun, 07 Apr 2002 18:18:40 +0000


If you really want to run your PC on " true"GMT time without worrying about 
the DST problem. (which is what I do) click on the little time stamp in the 
lower left hand corner of your system tray  and choose [GMT] Monrovia ( and 
NOT [GMT] London, etc). The Monrovia setting does not go on DST and won't 
change every 6 months


At 05:37 PM 4/7/02 +0100, Phil Cooper wrote:
>Hi all,
>Well, having now finished the EA RTTY test, I have one question and one
>thing to point out.
>The question is how can I set my PC at UTC, and then get WL to log the UTC
>I didn't notice until part way through this morning that the time was off by
>one hour! I'd already put over 100 Q's in the log, when I saw that it must
>be assuming my PC was set to BST (Summer time). I had to manually correct
>the time on all previous QSO's, and then got round it by setting my PC to
>one hour AFTER UTC. I have looked everywhere, but cannot see how I can tell
>WL my PC is already at UTC.
>Any thoughts???
>The other thing I noticed is that the ADIF file has the filed name wrong for
>the RECEIVED SERIAL NUMBER. Instead of <RTX:3>100 is has <RCVD:3>100 and
>that doesn't get imported.
>I'm not quite sure who was responsible for the EAWW RTTY contest module, but
>that needs to be changed.
>73 de Phil GU0SUP
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