[WriteLog] Serial port setup

Floyd Sense sentek@sprintmail.com
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 08:16:58 -0400

Another item related to these USB to Serial converter cables:  If you plan
on using more than one of them on a single PC, make sure to find out how
many the manufacturer claims will work on a single PC before buying. With
some of the cheaper cables, the answer is ONE !  Others support 32 on a
single system.  The reason for bringing this up is that if you have one of
the cables that won't allow another to co-exist on the same system, the
problem you'll see involves installation of the driver for the second and
subsequent cables.  You can spend many hours playing with an installation
that can NEVER be made to work.  And - you may or may not be able to mix
cables from different manufacturers on the same PC.

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> When the packaged drivers in my USB to serial
> didn't work, I searched google.com for the same
> of the manufacturer (found on the board and different
> from what was on the box).
> It was in the UK.  I left them an Email and I received
> a reply in minutes with the latest drivers attached.  This
> was in the middle of the night on my end!
> A similar Email to tech support as listed in and on
> the box resulting in no reply.
> 73, Byron