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In a message dated 4/12/2002 3:56:52 AM Greenwich Standard Time, 
jimsmith@shaw.ca writes:

> Of course one could relocate WL but I have a huge number of files on my 
> system and I use file management techniques to enable me to find what I 
> want quickly.  One of those techniques is to categorize stuff and set up 
> a directory structure which reflects those categories.  I don't want to 
> introduce inconsistencies into this system just to meet the minor 
> idiosyncrasies of one app, particularly when the elimination of the 
> idiosyncrasy is so trivial.  Perhaps I'm wrong but I think it would take 
> me longer to uninstall WL, reinstall it in C:\ and move all the contest 
> directories and files than it would for a programmer to change the 
> layout of the form. 


You would not need to relocate WL.  Keep it where it is.  Just create a 
directory with a short name, like C:\VE7FO\LOGS or C:\WL, for example.  Then 
save your WL log files (*.wl) to that directory.  This is in essence what I 
do and they are fully visible in the WL window.

Yes, you are correct about this being in violation of your existing file 
management system.  And, yes, no doubt the developer could easily make and 
test the change you suggest in WL.  However, it does get the job done in the 

BTW, I have other programs that have the same problem of not being able to 
see a full path\file name in a window.  The most noticable is AOL where the 
ability to see a full path\file name is limited when attaching a file to an 
email message.

73, Geo...

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