[WriteLog] JA Contest - CW outside JA

N1LN n1ln@earthlink.net
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 07:10:31 -0500

I was using the JA International DX (outisde JA) Contest module this morning
and think I found a bug... .or I may be doing something wrong.

When trying to enter the 2 character prefecture - after entering the second
digit the curser went back to the beginning of the Call entry field.   I had
to tab (twice) to get the curser
back to the PR field.... then it would stop "after" the second digit and
allow me to
hit "enter" and save the QSO and send the TU - QRZ command in Memory 3.
(using Enter
sends Exchange / QRZ).

Is this a bug - or am I missing something?

Bruce - N1LN