[WriteLog] RE: Software Memory Leak (maybe!)

Clive Whelan clive@gw3njw.fsworld.co.uk
Thu, 03 Jan 2002 21:18:53 -0000

I was the original complainant about slow save after the CQWW CW. The 
facts then were ca 2,900 QSOs in the log running a Pentium 200 with 
32Mb of RAM under Win 95. Save time was ca. 8 seconds.

Most respondents thought the RAM was the crucial factor here, and in 
any event a new Computer was on the stocks. This has now been 
installed being a 750Mhz Duron with 256Mb under Win 98. On reloading 
that CQWW file and adding a dummy QSO, the save operation now takes 3 
seconds. It's an improvement certainly, but not quite what I had 

I am now in the process of networking the old machine to the new for 



 Dick Green wrote:
> If it's the Save
> operation, then I would question whether Wayne has modified the Save
> algorithm in version 10.28D or later

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