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The problems comes as allocating too much address space for disk caching.

It does not chew up RAM, but depletes address space, a whole different

Has nothing to do with swap file.

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> Hi Gerry,
> There is a bug in some versions of Windows that manifests itself if you
> large amounts of RAM, like you do.  The operating system gobbles up memory
> for swap files until it actually takes over enough to cause your system to
> report that it has a memory problem.  Pretty ironic that adding memory
> creates a memory shortage, hi.  I've noticed it a few times on my PIII
> 512 M of RAM.  I read about this in PC Magazine months ago, so if you're
> interested, a search of their web site might give you more details.  I'm
> sorry, but that's about all I can remember of the article.
> One other thing I do recall is that they recommend manually setting the
> memory available for Windows to use as swap files to see if that cures the
> problem.
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