[WriteLog] I had a small problem

FireBrick FireBrick" <w9ol@billnjudy.com
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 21:52:16 -0600

Did anyone else have a problem like this?
Only way I know to determine if it was my setup or something else.
Running the latest version of WL. 1 kw amp driven by a MP.
On a 900mHz machine running XP.
MMTTY in FSK mode, transistor interface on Com 1.

After numerous non reply cq's.
Then I got a reply, I would hit the F key to send the report to the calling
But I would get a steady tone for a few seconds. Hitting Escape which
normally aborts a buffer did not work.
After a few seconds, the proper buffer would start and subsequent buffers
would work properly.

This anomaly would ONLY occur after a number of cq buffer messages.
I never really counted but at least 8 to 10 consecutive cq's would result in
that steady tone.
I did not experience the anomaly with just a few consecutive cq buffer

I kind of hope someone else experienced this so I don't have to start
troubleshooting my system.

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