Fw: [WriteLog] I had a small problem

Bill Brooks ke5og@brooksdata.net
Mon, 7 Jan 2002 17:54:08 -0600

I had a similar problem. The same problem I have posted several times
before. Sometimes it would be a steady tone, other times the RTTY receiver
(MMTTY) would just quit responding. I could close the RTTYRite window and
re-open it and all would be well. It ALWAYS occurred after sending CQ a few
times. I have had this problem for several months. For this weekend, I had a
different computer with a different sound card and an FSK interface instead
of a RigBlaster. But, it still did it. Now I'm thinking RF coming in on the
sound card line input. Any ideas?

Bill, KE5OG

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> Did anyone else have a problem like this?
> Only way I know to determine if it was my setup or something else.
> Running the latest version of WL. 1 kw amp driven by a MP.
> On a 900mHz machine running XP.
> MMTTY in FSK mode, transistor interface on Com 1.
> After numerous non reply cq's.
> Then I got a reply, I would hit the F key to send the report to the
> station.
> But I would get a steady tone for a few seconds. Hitting Escape which
> normally aborts a buffer did not work.
> After a few seconds, the proper buffer would start and subsequent buffers
> would work properly.
> This anomaly would ONLY occur after a number of cq buffer messages.
> I never really counted but at least 8 to 10 consecutive cq's would result
> that steady tone.
> I did not experience the anomaly with just a few consecutive cq buffer
> transmissions.
> I kind of hope someone else experienced this so I don't have to start
> troubleshooting my system.
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