[WriteLog] Update: 10.30B now ready..

Ron K5DJ k5dj@writelog.com
Sat, 19 Jan 2002 18:02:24 -0000

WriteLog version 10.30B is a free upgrade for anyone who has 
purchased WriteLog since January, 2001. If you are running an 
earlier version, contact k5dj@writelog.com to purchase a new 
registration code. 

Instructions: download the zip file and unzip it. With WriteLog 
not running, run the SETUP.EXE that was unzipped. When the 
install finishes, you may delete the ZIP file and the unzipped 
results. This upgrade ONLY installs with Version 10.22 and 
later. It checks whether your registration code is older than 
January, 2001. If your code is too old, it does not install, 
but requests you type in a new code.

  You can download 10.30B at:


  73, de Ron K5DJ