[WriteLog] Network? Problem - 'Member not found'

Ron K5DJ k5dj@austin.rr.com
Thu, 20 Jun 2002 03:39:23 -0000

 When you see 'Member not found' Re-Install Windows...

 73, de Ron K5DJ

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Hi All

I have been trying to load Writelog onto a laptop for
Field Day - we intend to use it networked. I have
10.11 as my only full release, and updates to 10.32.
So I install 10.11 and enter that code (good job I
kept it!). Then I install 10.32 and enter THAT code.
Everything seems OK. Then I enter some dummy QSOs. All
OK. THEN we do the same on another machine and all OK
- then we network two machines together. Both machines
see each other, BUT when I try to enter anything on
the QSO entry line I get a Writelog error message
'Member not found'. Nothing in the help file at all
that I can find on that subject. Second PC works
fine,and continues to do so, as does a third. So I
uninstall WL and reinstall it. Exactly the same. So I
use Norton to properly uninstall it, then reinstall.
Exactly the same, plus I am sometimes getting Windows
messages saying WL has performed illegal operation,
etc. Not nice. I presume that something is mixed up in
the Registry, but that is beyond my abilities! We can
probably use another laptop in FD, but this one is the


Roger VE3ZI

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