[WriteLog] 'Member not found'

Roger Parsons ve3zi@rac.ca
Sat, 22 Jun 2002 03:37:10 +0100 (BST)

I think I should restate a couple of things after my
little problem.

1. There _is_ information in the Help files about
'member not found'. However, it only suggests
reloading Windows rather than mentioning that it could
be a Writelog problem. I think this should be changed.

2. When I took my latest subscription out, there _was_
a link to the latest full version of WL. I just didn't
either notice or act on it as I have always upgraded
from version to version.

3. I have downloaded 10.32 full version, loaded it
onto the laptop and it all works exactly as it should.
By doing this, I didn't have to remember the
registration code for an old version.

4. Wayne and Ron both responded within a very short
period of my posting my problem - and solved it.

5. All I need now is a version portable to Linux.....
(not seriously asking but it would be nice!)

6. I am very happy with Writelog.

73 Roger

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