[WriteLog] (no subject)

Dale Jackaman dalej@reboot.bc.ca
Sat, 22 Jun 2002 06:55:37 +0000

I posted an e-mail a couple of weeks ago about an issue with the qso 
number occasionaly changing or starting over at 1 during the WPX CW 
contest.  It happened three or four times.  I've since duplicated the 
problem and narrowed this down to RFI on 40 and 20 depending on which way 
their respective beams are pointed.  It seems to happen if you're 
transmitting while posting the current qso with ENTER key. Very odd that 
it would pop up in this manner.  Stopping and doing a rescore at this 
point resets the qso number to what it should be.  No other RFI issues 
such as random character generation from the keyboard.