[WriteLog] How do I Create a Dupe Check report?

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Thanks for your help.
Rich AA2MF

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> This is covered in my web site under 'Post Contest.' While generic, the
> section covers creating the electronic paperwork necessary for Cabrillo
> files as well as contests that don't support the Cabrillo format. The
> section also covers how to check your log for errors, how to export logs
> other programs (like your logging program), how to produce reports and how
> to produce graphs.
> To specifically answer Rich's question, under 'File' on the tool bar,
> 'Export' and then 'File version of dupe sheet.'
> See K9JY's WriteLog User Support Site at:
> http://www.k9jy.com
> mailto:scot@k9jy.com
> Hello to all,
> Now that the contest is over the paper work must be done.
> ARRL is looking for two items:
> 1. A summary sheet. This is easy, just click on create summary sheet.
> 2. A Dup sheet.  OK, now what? Can anyone guide me to getting this one?
> Rich AA2MF
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