[WriteLog] Re Wyoming!

Phil Cooper Phil Cooper" <pcooper@guernsey.net
Fri, 1 Mar 2002 22:38:38 -0000

Hi all,

Many thanks for the helpful replies, and guess what guys! I find I have
worked WG7Y on RTTY in April 2001, and it was a contest!

I'll have to check QRZ, and see if I can confirm he WAS in Wyoming! Just my
luck, he was probably operating from somewhere else!

Thanks again for all the help guys - Jim, Dave, Shelby, Steve, John, and a
few others.

Let's hope he was home!
That looks like my last State now, as I recently had a card from John
WB9MVQ/0 who was in N Dakota.

Great stuff, and see you all in BARTG
73 de Phil GU0SUP