[WriteLog] Re: How to Disable Non-Logging Functions

Pat Conway pmconway_ya@yahoo.com
Fri, 1 Mar 2002 19:42:32 -0800

Thank you to FireBrick and Tony for your responses.

Tony, what I mean is I'd like to disable the entire interface to the
radios, antennas, etc - including readouts.  This year, as novices to
both networked logging and Writelog, we want to tackle no more than
networked logging by manually editing the QSO data.  Next year we'd hope
to integrate rig control.  So my goal is to do what I can to make sure
someone won't make the program hang by selecting some menu item that
we're not set up for.

Firebrick, I was thinking about making the ini file read-only.  The
problem is 1) determining if that's sufficient; and 2) figuring out what
that ini file should look like.  None of us have used Writelog before
and I'd rather bank on the experience of you guys than the book-learning
I can get from the Help menus.

Thanks to all for trying to help me figure this out!.


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