[WriteLog] write log & MFJ 1275

K4SB k4sb@mindspring.com
Mon, 25 Mar 2002 18:37:39 +0000

Carl Steckler wrote:
> I want to thank all of those who had suggestions for solving my problem.
> Unfortunately none of them worked.
> After getting some diagnostic tools I find that the RST line is low when
> the computer boots ( this is the line that activates the PTT with the MFJ
> 1275) up and windows 98 is loaded. When I run the demo of Voice Key express
> the RST goes high and PTT is activated for the duration of the message.
> When I open Write Log the RST goes high and stays high. No setting in setup
> that I have tried ( a lot of trying) seems to correct that problem.

First of all, when Win98 boots, it will cycle the RST line to high,
low, high, low Period! If the line then goes high, it is in response
to a seperate program being run, not Windows. Although the time
between cycles is very short, you can hook up a VTVM and watch it if
you want. The point is Win98 will leave the line low. As to what
program is causing it to go high again, that's anyones guess, and it
very well may be that neither WL nor Voice Key is the culprit.