[WriteLog] IC-756PRO-II support

Darack, Zev Zev.Darack@banklink.com
Wed, 22 May 2002 12:36:53 -0400

I figured out how to do it.  Add this entry to the rigs section of the INI
without changing the rig and you will be able to control the 756pro II using
the 756 pro entry (thanks WA9ALS for the website/info):
Icom IC-756PRO=0x64

Here are the baud rates and other parameters assumed by the WriteLog rig
rig baud
Kenwood 4800
Yaesu 4800
Ten Tec Omni V 1200
Ten Tec Omni VI 1200 0x04
Ten Tec Delta II 1200 0x02
Icom 271 1200 0x20
Icom 275 1200 0x10
Icom 375 1200 0x12
Icom 471 1200 0x22
Icom 475 1200 0x14
Icom 575 1200 0x16
Icom 706 1200 0x48
Icom 725 1200 0x28
Icom 735 1200 0x04
Icom 736 1200 0x40
Icom 737 1200 0x3C
Icom 746 1200 0x56
Icom 751 1200 0x1C
Icom 756 1200 0x50
Icom 756 PRO 1200 0x5C
Icom 761 1200 0x1E
Icom 765 1200 0x2C
Icom 775 1200 0x46
Icom 781 1200 0x26

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Does Writelog support the Icom IC-756PROII?  I don't see this rig
listed in the Setup->Ports form.  When I try using the IC-756PRO
selection I get a "comm port not available" error message.  I
selected the Icom std 1200-baud.

I successfully use DXBase 2003 with the PROII every day,
connected thru the same serial port and CT-17 level converter.  I
am running Writelog 10.32E on a 300-MHz Pentium running Windows
2000 Pro.

Am I doing something wrong?  Anyone else using a PROII with


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