AW: [WriteLog] Erratic CW

WA9ALS - John
Tue, 28 May 2002 13:50:58 -0500

> Carsten brings up an interesting point. I don't have problems with CW
> keying, even with a P-133, after closing all the misc. background
> programs. I use a COM port, not LPT port for keying. I wonder if that is
> the answer. Anyone having the problems with COM port keying?
> Barry W2UP

Nope - My CW thru com port works fine with simple transistor interface, even
with lots of other things running, including my PC serving the internet to 3
other computers on the home network.  I actually have the W5XD keyer, but
have never gotten around to hooking it up because the CW keying is working
so well!  (Of course, I will eventually get to hooking it up for its other
benefits!  73