AW: [WriteLog] Erratic CW

Bill Turner
Tue, 28 May 2002 16:19:46 -0700

On Tue, 28 May 2002 15:01:26 -0400, Roger Borowski wrote:

>I can't imagine why so many go for the LPT port when
>you can use the same port as rig control for CW keying??? 


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the reason folks want to use the
LPT port for CW is that there is a conflict if you want to use RTTY FSK
and CW on the same com port.  I don't think it can be done, at least not
with MMTTY.  This may not be true for all combinations of
mode/tnc/port/FSK/AFSK, but it was in my case.  

After lots of head scratching, I finally ended up with three com ports
in use - com 1 to the TS-870 for VFO control, com 2 for RTTY FSK +
hardware PTT and com 3 for CW keying.  A lot of wires, but it works fine
on all modes.

I tried using software PTT but never could get it to work exactly right,
probably because of the polling interval.  Hardware PTT works perfect.

Hope this helps.

73, Bill W7TI