[WriteLog] RE: Hello and help. (It works)

N8IE n8ie@woh.rr.com
Tue, 28 May 2002 19:22:49 -0400

Hello all,
I have found the problem that I was having with sending CW via WL.
I'm posting this in case someone else has a "bone head" moment like I did.

I was sure that my interface I built was not at fault due to the fact that
it worked just fine with MixW. After browsing the WL Archives I decided to
take another look at my interface. I built it as per the standard method
using an Opto-isolater for both the  DTR and RTS lines. When I hooked it up,
I first tried it with MixW (as that is my main program for SSTV, RTTY, and
PSK) and it worked great. But with WL it held the radio at transmit and I
could not get it to release. Well, when double checking my circuit, I had
switched the out put lines for RTS and DTR. I changed these and bam, it all
works great now, even with MixW.

So, lessons learned;
1. TRIPLE check your work.
2. Just because it works with one program, does not mean the other program
is broke.

Hope this helps someone else, mainly because I hate to be the only one who
screws up. LOL

72, oo
Dan, N8IE
FPqrp #-6, QRP-l #1404, FISTS #4985

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I just bought WriteLog at Hamvention and need some help with my com port.

I have a CAT cable on com2 and an interface for RTS and DTR keying on com1.
This setup works FB with MixW, but with WL unless I set the keying to RTS,
when I exit the setup screen the rig goes into key down mode. If I make it
RTS then it won't key the rig at all.

The rig is a TS-570DG and the PC is a P3/500 running W2K Pro.

72, oo
Dan, N8IE
FPqrp #-6, QRP-l #1404, FISTS #4985