[WriteLog] New user questions

Fred Hyde olelena at tds.net
Wed Apr 9 22:51:13 EDT 2003


I'm a new user of writelog and I have a couple of "newbie"-type questions.
I'm using Writelog on a Win 2000 platform (therefore no LPT support w/o
using a 3rd party patch) along with an IC-706MkIIG and I'm trying to get the
rig control function up and running.

In the setup window, under set up ports, I have the COM 1-rig checked, baud
rate set up as 9600 (same as setting on the 706MkIIG), Poll checked, Comm
PTT = "yes", All Mode PTT on CW Port RTS checked, Windows sound board
checked for DVK interface. I'm using a K1NU cable and think that the issue
I'm dealing with, since I cannot get the rig to change frequencies when I
double-click on a packet spot that is fed into the laptop by telnet.

The control cable runs from the 9-pin serial port to the 3.5 mm data jack on
the 706.

On the 706, the CI-V settings are 731-off, CI-V address 58H, CI-V 9600 baud
(matches software setting), CI-V trn "on".

I also note that in the tech support files the radio address I need to think
about for Icom does not match anything that's on the radio menu itself.

So the questions are:

(1) Are the settings I have for Writelog correct?
(2) What are the best radio settings?
(3) Any other things I need to worry about, such as a LPT connection using
3rd party software to get Win 2000 to work?
(4) More of a comment: I checked the archives and I don't see anything that
would be of help.

Many thanks in advance -

Fred K9FWH
Madison, WI

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