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Thu Apr 10 12:39:16 EDT 2003

Unless I'm missing something here that is what you should be seeing.
Stations outside Japan contact only JA stations and record the prefecture
number in the exchange. If you were in Japan you would record the DX station
info. My mult window (Contest, Show Multipliers) shows prefectures only.

Be sure when you choose the contest to choose Outside of Japan in the list.


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> Just upgraded to version 10.40 for this weekend's JIDX CW contest.
> However, in the parameter setup I am only being given the option of
> entering a JA prefecture number, as though I am in Japan. And the
> multiplier windows only show zones and continental
> multipliers, not the
> prefectures needed for those of us outside of JA. A few
> practice entries
> of JA callsigns also indicate scoring that a JA station would see...
> zones and countries.
> I have my KH6 callsign correctly entered in the .ini file, and correct
> longitude and latitude in the great circle setup.
> What am I doing wrong here?
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