[WriteLog] virus protection while running WriteLog

Eric Scace K3NA eric@k3na.org
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 19:53:30 -0500

   If you are running WL on a standalone computer which is not connected to ANY network (not a local network, not the internet for
packet spots), then you may shut down your virus checking and firewall software.

   However, if your computer is attached to a LAN, leave the virus checks and firewall running.  I unfortunately learned this the
hard way during the last WW CW contest.  One of the operators' laptop had been virus infected before the contest, and the virus
quickly spread over the station's LAN to all the other computers.  We were able to use virus scanners to remove it while running WL
during the contest.  That was a very slow process (it took us about six hours) and we were lucky the virus didn't infect any files
needed to run WriteLog.

   Of course, if your computer is hooked to the internet for DX spotting during the contest, it would be very risky to operate
without virus checks and firewalls.

-- Eric K3NA

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 If you're running WL in the CQ 160 for example, I
hardly think you need to worry about virus protection, and do you need
a modem? Why would you still need your media player for cw?



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