[WriteLog] Importing logs from Writelog to DX4WIN

Cal Kutemeier ckuter@ix.netcom.com
Mon, 6 Jan 2003 19:26:18 -0600

I am new to both programs.  In the two prior uses of WL and importing into
Dx4win (TARA rtty and OK DX rtty), I had to use an intermediate program
asc2dif in order to pick up the State worked.  I just tried to edit the
filter for Writelog, but only garbage came up (1 record) when I loaded the
ARRL RTTY RU.wl file.  Obviously, something is wrong.

With TRLog it asks on it the contest is over every time you exit the
I never saw this with Writelog. How do I "officially" end a contest?

Then, how do I import a log from Writelog to Dx4Win, to include picking up