[WriteLog] Rooms at Dayton 2003 with the RTTY Group...

Ron K5DJ k5dj@austin.rr.com
Fri, 17 Jan 2003 01:14:51 -0000

                  Dayton 2003 with the RTTY Group

Room and dinner reservations can now be made for this year's Dayton bash. 
The dates are thursday May 15 thru May 18th. The banquet is on Saturday 
night May 17th. We are pleased to hold prices close to last year.
http://www.rttyjournal.com/dayton is the web page for the reservation form 
and all the particulars. This year we are again traveling to the Dayton 
Howard Johnson's which worked out quite well last year. We are able to hold 
last year's room price of $85 per night which is for a room with two bed's.
The hotel does not have a restaurant on the premises but there are many 
within walking distance. However, there will be a continental breakfast 
available each morning at no additional charge as its included with your 

We will again have our annual RTTY dinner on Saturday night which will 
include a speaker and presentation. We are working on a return by one of our

biggest Dxpedition RTTY leaders and a country which will be fresh in your 

Make this year's Hamvention your next priority and start by reserving a
room today. We look for a big turnout this year and we have lots of room 
available but don't hesitate, they usually go fast. I will have more details

later but in the mean time if you have any questions please let me know.
Folks are working on a lot of different things. If you have time stop by 
the main page of the RTTY Journal and sign up for the magazine. Don't 
forget these are the folks who make all of this possible.


Do not reply to me at this address. Direct all Dayton correspondence only 
to the email address that you find on that page.


With large numbers of email's I don't want to loose any query's that you 
might have. We are taking over from Dale and can only hope to do the kind of

job that he has done for you all these years.

Jay & Betsy Townsend WS7I, WV7Y