[WriteLog] NAQP - New Foundland

Bob McCormick W1QA writelog@W1QA.COM
Mon Jan 20 01:34:50 EST 2003

> Several points to clarify on this.  NewFoundland 
> and Labrador combined to form a new province 
> (guess to cut costs HI) last Fall.  I would 
> expect the new province to be NFL or NL.

Newfoundland & Labrador were separate from Canada,
hence the use of the VO radio prefix.  They joined
the confederation as the Province of Newfoundland
and Labrador on 31 March 1949.

The administrative seat of government is in 
St. John's, NF.  (Not to be confused with Saint John,
New Brunswick.)  The official prefix (used in post 
and on the Internet) is NF.

Are you thinking of Nunavut, which was created
back in 1 Apr 1999?


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