[WriteLog] Re: [RTTY] Contest Macros

Jerry Flanders jeflanders@comcast.net
Tue Jan 21 03:45:52 EST 2003

At 21:22 1/20/03 -0500, Eric - VE3GSI wrote:
>Thank goodness programmes have matured and I honestly don't know of any '19'
>or '28' machines and the likes, so the RTTY world should be living in some
>sort of mutual bliss.

An aside: Got a call from my grandson the other day. He is in the US Coast 
Guard and is attending their communications school out in California.  He 
told me in their HF class they are training on ASR33's operating at 110 
baud. He recognized the TUs in school because he had seen them in my ham 
shack years ago - old Dovetrons!

ASR33's have been around 30-35 years!

Jerry W4UK

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