[WriteLog] RF from your Computer Monitor..

Donald Eriksen don.wsixffh@verizon.net
Tue Jan 21 07:41:15 EST 2003

I can sympathize with you, I tried two differant CRT monitors a few years
ago and the hash was just about like you described. I finally went to a LCD
flat panel monitor and I can assure you, they're RF quiet. It made the
difference between being able to work only the strongest stations to being
able to work signals that barely register on the S-meter.
I just recently added a second similar monitor (both 15") and am enjoying
all the windows and boxes WriteLog has to offer with no noise. This is not a
very cost effective solution, but it was the only one for me.

Good Luck, 73

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> Hello Gang,
> I am sure I can't be the only one who has RF from his computer monitor
> getting into his rig on receive.  At times the sigs are so bad it becomes
> white noise all across a band with BIG birdies intermixed.  40CW is
> the worst band for me.  Have anyone of you come up with a monitor that is
> QUIET?  I now use a laptop that is almost silent but I miss the larger
> display and ability to separate the monitor section from the rest of the
> computer. My computer is now almost silent (Dell 420 workstation) but the
> monitor is still a broadband sig generator.  Any suggestions?  Any one
> the newer "flat panel" displays? and how are they for noise.
> Mike Baker  K7DD
> k7ddmjb@qwest.net
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